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Our Artists

Garenin Gallery March 22 75_edited.jpg

Joseph Kirkman

Joseph Kirkman ARPS, is the photographer in residence at the Garenin Gallery. Joseph creates landscape photographs that are often abstract or impressionistic.

Garenin Gallery March 22 03.jpg

Harbour Lane

Based in Scotland, Harbour Lane are famous for their in-house designed handmade lampshades and homeware. All their designs start out as an illustration.
Once it's printed onto fabric, it is then hand crafted into a beautiful lampshade or cushion.

Kirkman Gallery82.jpg


J Boult Designs is an award winning handmade brand that creatively up-cycles waste materials into Scottish gifts. Inspired by ethical hunting and conservation and based in the Scottish Highlands.

Kirkman Gallery68.jpg

Aileen Clarke

Aileen is based in rural Fife, Scotland. She makes Fibre art felt landscapes, needle felted sheep jewellery, felt and Harris Tweed brooch pins, cards and notebooks featuring her felt art. 

Kirkman Gallery25.jpg


Kelly is a self taught Acrylic and Watercolour artist based on the Isle of Lewis. Kelly's work within our gallery, is made on Scottish slate and depicts bothies, the ocean and the Calanais Stones.

Garenin Gallery March 22 56.jpg

Cath Waters

Cath Waters is an award winning Scottish landscape digital artist and photographer living on the Isle of Skye. There is a sense of simplicity, space and solitude in her work, which often features the unique calming colours of the Scottish land and sea - soft greys, emerald greens, muted blues and purples.


Hope Blamire

Hope Blamire is a Scottish artist who's work predominantly focuses on the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Her work often has a photo realist aspect to it and features bright colourful symbols of Scotland such as it's Highland Coo's and stunning white beaches.

Garenin Gallery March 22 67.jpg

Miriam Emerton

Miriam often paints islands and seascape scenes inspired by her trips across the Scottish Highland and Islands. In her work she uses little prints from these original paintings to make pendants, brooches, earrings and cards. 

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